This website has been developed by the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía Collections Area and Virtual Programmes Department

Concept and management
Rosario Peiró (Head of Collections)
Olga Sevillano (Head of Digital Projects)

Research, texts and conceptualization
Rocío Robles and Inés Plasencia

Technical assistance
Raúl Martínez and Sònia López

Copyright and image acquisition
Araceli Galán del Castillo

Copy editing
Carmen Martín and Ana Jiménez

Neil Fawle

Definition, development and design
David Gil, Susana Heredia, Aritz Oiaga, Rubén Egiguren, Ismael Liberal, Aritz Suescun (Biko2)

Interactive display
Víctor San Vicente



Head of Restoration
Jorge García

Scientific coordination
Carmen Muro

Mayte Ortega and Rut Contero

Material documentation and history
Manuela Gómez y Juan Antonio Sánchez

Images for technical studies
Humberto Durán and IPCE Fotografía Pepe Loren and Diana Lobato

Lab assistance
María Barra

IT development

Interpretation of studies
Paula Ercilla, Tamara Alba, Pilar Hernández, Eugenia Gimeno, Paloma Calopa, Arianne Vanrell and Carla Enrique



To all the archives, institutions, artists and photographers that have generously contributed to this project, in addition to Javier Álvarez, Gunnel Lindelöv, Jordana Mendelson, Blanca Ortíz Ostalé, Michel Otayek and Carlos Vermut.